Hype Apartment Complex – Clarendon

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PROJECT: Hype Apartment Complex –
LOCATION: Hype Apartments – Clarendon

The Hyde Apartment Complex, located just blocks from the Clarendon Metro station. A combination between traditional materials with mid-century modern touches and amenities, the boutique-style living development is being developed to address the housing needs Clarendon’s Lyon Park neighborhood.

According to the plans, the project was planned as 18-unit, four-story apartment complex with below grade areas. The development will include all driveways and underground utilities to serve the property.

Clark Realty Capital, LLC.
Client Rep.: Diarra David McKinney – Development Executive
Tel.: (703) 294-4512

Global personnel provided a full array of services for the project including:

  1. Subsurface Investigation including soil test borings and in-situ  field testing to verify the suitability of the existing soils for the design and construction of the proposed 4 story structure.
  2. Laboratory Testing Services to determine required design parameters for design of foundations, slab-on-grade and roadways as well as parking areas.
  3. Preparation of a Geotechnical Engineering Report summarizing our findings and providing recommendations for the most cost effective design and construction of the project.
  4. Report was prepared to comply with the specific requirements of Arlington County Building Division





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