Transportation Projects

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PROJECT: Flour Lanes I-95 LLC
REP: Sandro Plutino

This project is a separate public-private partnership to construct and operate HOT lanes on a 29-mile portion of the existing reversible HOV-3 facility on I-95 and I-395. The reversible lanes are to be extended from the existing southern terminus near Virginia Route 234 to Garrisonville Road (Route 610) in Stafford County.

A third reversible lane will be added from Prince William Parkway to the project’s northern terminus between Duke Street and Edsall Road, just south of the Alexandria city limits; to the north of this point, the reversible facility will continue to operate as it does today.

GLOBAL is currently providing Quality Control/ Quality Assurance Services. These services include monitoring of construction operations by VDOT certified Senior Inspectors and Materials Testing Services of construction materials in our fully certified Laboratory for Soil, Concrete, Asphalt and Steel by VDOT, AMRL, CCRL, WACEL and the US Army Corps of Engineers.

The cost of the overall project has been estimated in nearly $1B. The project is financed, constructed and operated under Virginia’s Public-Private Transportation Act.





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